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At Lady Suspender we regularly receive e-mails from visitors and members alike, praising our website and what we are trying to achieve. They are taken from e-mails actually received from the website - thanks to you all. Here are a few of these testimonials below:

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"Thank you for such a great web site. I wish American women enjoyed the sensuality of nylons the way your English women do. Best site for mature women in nylons available.  Much sexier than posed young women who have been Photoshopped beyond realism". F.H. USA

"It is a long time since I was in touch with you, but I have been continuing to collect the Lady Suspender dvds which continue to get better and better. The last one I purchased was the Mature Women Vol 7 with Mitzi and Tessa. This one really is a cracker and very erotic. All praise to the model s who obviously got on very well together, and to the exc elle nt photography of Paula. Do carry on the good work". C.J. UK

"Great website. Original themes, the woman next door, fantastic lingerie, great locations. I've ordered a couple of your DVD's and they are even better. The models are just outstanding. This is the kind of website I've been looking for in many months of searching" M.H. Cambridge
"Congratulations on the most erotic website I've ever seen.  Keep up the good work."
Paul. Australia
"This has to be one of the best sites I've found in ages. What a refreshing change from the usual disappointing rubbish. Your models are real women in real situations - LOVE IT!" O.L. Brighton

"Wonderful! What a refreshing change from the usual bland offering from websites. Real women in real situations in superb vintage lingerie. Keep up the good work!" A.W. Harrogate

“I was literally amazed to find that your video's completely lived up (surpassed in fact) your brochure descriptions. The quality of the production, the realism of the ‘actresses' and the dialogue all contribute to some stunning and very erotic scenes. This kind of sexy entertainment I've been seeking for years and had just about given up ever finding. Sensual, professional and unhurried” - R.L. Sheffield

“…… secondly, I would like to state that the film (Stockings Spectacular Vol 1) is superb—far better than what I could have imagined ! The burning question is—will there be a vol 2 … 3 … 4 … 5 etc,. I hope so" - C .M. Argyll

“I was delighted with my first order which I received from you in November. They are without doubt the sexiest, most erotic video's I have ever seen, featuring all my favourite items of ladies underwear. Your models are superb and the camera work is first class” – P.T Notts

I recently ordered Cleaning Day and Adventures of an Underwear Fitter vol.5 and I have to say that you have totally outdone yourselves! Along with Just Nikki, you've given us 3 very attractive women, and the way Mrs Thornton dresses is simply perfection Large ladies like her, in suits, slips, hats, gloves, tights and girdles are the epitome of what I like! Keep up the extremely good work” - J.W.T. Bucks

“I have just received my first two video's from you. I am so pleased that I am ordering more immediately. Your use of ‘real women' wearing proper knickers does indeed produce far superior video's to the usual plastic models in fantasy underwear” – L.F. Liverpool

“I have to congratulate you on your quality of video's (superb). They are so perfect for period underwear lovers like myself. I especially like your use of everyday women rather than models, so much more authentic” - C.W. London

I Have been looking at your site,and I have to say it's the sexiest web page I have seen so far. I have always been fond of ladies lingerie,and watching mature women in classic foundation underwear is top! Thank you. V. Magnussen. USA

Please send us your views on our website and we will show them above .
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